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[Interview]: Ryan Seacrest interviews Demi
Posted by Necy on July 1, 2015
Posted in Interviews, News

Elvis Duran interviews Demi
Posted by Necy on
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[New Music]: Cool For The Summer
Posted by Necy on
Posted in Audio, News

Demi’s new single “Cool for the Summer” is available to listen to, buy and stream! You can listen to the song below. Be sure to buy it on iTunes here and stream it on here. It will be playing all day on radio stations across America if you wanna hear it that way.

[Photos]: Demi leaves her hotel & hits up SiriusXM
Posted by Necy on June 26, 2015
Posted in Candids, Photos

Demi Lovato was seen leaving her hotel in New York
City yesterday before heading to visit SiriusXM’s Hits 1.

June 25 – Visiting SiriusXM Hits 1

June 25 – Leaving her hotel in New York City

[Interview]: iHeartRadio interviews Demi
Posted by Necy on June 25, 2015
Posted in Interviews

[News]: Demi announces new single!
Posted by Necy on
Posted in News

Demi took to twitter to announce her new single
“Cool For The Summer” which comes out July 1st!

[Candids]: Demi leaving Katsuya Restaurant
Posted by Necy on June 19, 2015
Posted in Candids, Photos

Demi was seen leaving Katsuya Restaurant in Hollywood, California on June 17th.
I’ve added 11 MQ candids to the gallery.

June 17 – Leaving Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood

[Photos] Demi performs at DigiFest NYC
Posted by Necy on June 7, 2015
Posted in Performances, Photos

Demi Lovato performed at DigiFest NYC last night.

June 6 – Performing at DigiFest NYC

[Photos] Demi attends DigiFest NYC
Posted by Necy on June 6, 2015
Posted in Photos

Demi attended DigiFest NYC earlier today. I’ve added 13 MQ photos of her at the event.

June 6 – DigiFest NYC

Demi reveals her inspirations for her next album
Posted by Necy on June 5, 2015
Posted in News

In an interview with MTV News, Demi revealed that she’s been in the studio almost every day, and working really hard on her fifth album.

“For this album, I’m making music that feels right to me,” she told MTV News via email. “This time around, I was able to explore different sounds, and hone in on something that I’m really proud of.” She’s focusing on herself to find inspiration for her next effort. “I’m inspired by something every day so those experiences will definitely be reflected on my next album,” she said.

As of now, no collaborations have been set, even though she’s still hoping to work with Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Eminem and “obviously Kelly Clarkson :).” Her friend Iggy Azalea is also on her wishlist. “I would love to collaborate with Iggy,” said Demi, who was in attendance at Iggy’s engagement to Nick Young. “Not only is she a good friend of mine, but she’s also incredibly talented.”